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SÃO TOMÉ seen by SOMA.

SOMA was born in Santana, São Tomé e Príncipe, and we couldn’t be more fascinated by the natural beauty of the country that our girls live in. The land is green, the sand is light, the water is blue and the sun shines just the right amount of time. You wake up to the sound of birds and fall asleep to the sound of waves. In São Tomé nature prevails and we want to share our must go places so you don’t miss the magic of this island.

The city center, the capital, is a place that makes you travel between time. Take time to:

Go for a walk in Baía Ana Chaves

Eat Diogo Vaz amazing chocolats (the cookies are out of this world).

Visit Espaço Cacau and get to know better the art scene in São Tomé.

If you are hungry stop by Papa Figos or BBC.

And go drink a gravaninha at Pico Mocambo.

If you decide to go up north you will find:

Lagoa Azul and Morro Peixe to lay on the beach.

Roça Agostinho Neto, a place full of history that is worth listening to.

Túnel de Santa Catarina, a must visit in São Tomé.

Roça Diogo Vaz, the place where the famous chocolat cookies were born, go on a visit to see the factory.

Go eat seafood at Santola in Neves.

At the heart of the island you find nature in its purest state:

Monte Café

São Nicolau waterfall

Bombaim waterfall

Parque Ôbo botanical garden.

Casa Almada Negreiros, a must go place to eat amazing local food.

Going south:

Santana Surf Club, if you like surfing, you must visit

Ilhéu de Santana, take a boat trip to explore it.

Roça de Aguaize, full of history and SOMA Surfers.

Boca do Inferno, stop for coconut water or the best fish on the island.

Praia Sete Ondas.

Praia Micondo

Pico do cão grande, the landmark of São Tomé.

South, the paradise:

Praia Piscina

Praia CabanA

Praia Jalé, best sunset of the island.

Praia Inhame

Ilhéu das Rolas.

Looking forward to seeing you around, exploring sustainably this island that is so special to us.

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